Civilization 6 Samurai: The Ultimate Guide

Are you a fan of Civilization 6? If so, you’re probably familiar with the Samurai unit. Samurais are one of the most interesting and powerful units in the game, but they can also be tricky to use. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Samurai and how you can use them to your advantage.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What are Samurais?
  • How to obtain Samurais?
  • Samurai stats and abilities
  • How to use Samurai in battle
  • Samurai strategies
  • FAQ

What are Samurais?

Samurais are a unique unit in Civilization 6. They are a melee unit that replaces the standard swordsman unit. Samurais have a higher combat strength than swordsman and also receive a combat bonus when fighting against barbarians. However, they require a strategic resource, Iron, to produce.

Samurais were prominent warriors in feudal Japan and were known for their strict code of honor, Bushido. In Civilization 6, Samurais are a reminder of Japan’s rich history and culture.

How to obtain Samurais?

In order to obtain Samurais, you must first have access to the Iron strategic resource. Iron is a required resource to produce Samurais, so make sure you have access to it before trying to build them.

Once you have access to Iron, you can produce Samurais in any city with an encampment district. Samurais are a unique unit for Japan, so only Japan can produce them. Keep in mind that Samurais are only available in the medieval era, so make sure you build them before entering the renaissance era.

Samurai stats and abilities

Samurais have a base combat strength of 36, which is higher than the standard swordsman’s base combat strength of 28. In addition, Samurais receive a +10 combat strength bonus when fighting against barbarians.

Samurais also have a unique ability called “Bushido.” This ability gives Samurais a bonus when they are damaged. When a Samurai is damaged, its combat strength is increased by 5 for each 20% of its total health that has been lost. This means that if a Samurai is at 80% health, it will receive a +15 combat strength bonus.

How to use Samurai in battle

Samurais are best used as a melee unit, so make sure to place them in the front lines of your army. They are especially effective against barbarians, so consider using them to clear out barbarian camps.

When using Samurais in battle, it’s important to remember their Bushido ability. If you can damage an enemy unit before attacking it with a Samurai, you can take advantage of the increased combat strength bonus. This can be especially effective against stronger units like knights or musketmen.

Samurais should also be used to defend your cities. They have a high combat strength and can withstand attacks from weaker enemy units.

Samurai strategies

Here are some strategies for using Samurais effectively in Civilization 6:

  • Use Samurais to clear out barbarian camps in the early game.
  • Defend your cities with Samurais.
  • Use Samurais to attack weakened enemy units for maximum damage.
  • Pair Samurais with ranged units like archers or crossbowmen for a well-rounded army.
  • Upgrade your Samurais to Musketmen when they become available.


Q: Can Samurais be upgraded?

A: Yes, Samurais can be upgraded to Musketmen when they become available in the renaissance era.

Q: Can other civilizations produce Samurais?

A: No, only Japan can produce Samurais.

Q: Can Samurais be used to capture cities?

A: Yes, Samurais can be used to capture cities, but they are not as effective as siege units like catapults or bombards.


Samurais are a powerful and unique unit in Civilization 6. They are especially effective against barbarians and can be used to defend your cities. Remember to take advantage of their Bushido ability and pair them with ranged units for a well-rounded army. With the right strategies, Samurais can be a valuable asset to any civilization. Good luck!

Pros Cons
Higher combat strength than swordsman Requires Iron to produce
Bushido ability gives a bonus when damaged Only available in the medieval era
Effective against barbarians Not as effective as siege units for capturing cities

Thank you for reading! We hope you found this guide helpful. See you in our next article!

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