MTG Samurai Deck: The Ultimate Guide

Are you a fan of the Samurai culture and want to incorporate it into your Magic: The Gathering (MTG) deck? Look no further as we bring you the ultimate guide to building an MTG Samurai deck that will leave your opponents in awe. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Samurai cards, strategies, and tips for building a competitive deck. Let’s dive in!

What Are Samurai in MTG?

Samurai are a creature type in MTG that first appeared in the Champions of Kamigawa set. They are known for their honorable code of conduct and their ability to deal swift and decisive blows to their enemies. Samurai cards often have abilities that reward players for attacking or blocking, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

How to Build a Samurai Deck

Building a Samurai deck requires careful consideration of card synergies and playstyle. Here are some steps to follow when building your own Samurai deck:

Step Description
1 Choose a color combination
2 Choose your Commander
3 Select your Samurai creatures and spells
4 Include support cards
5 Optimize your mana base

Step 1: Choose a Color Combination

Samurai cards are available in all five colors of MTG, so choosing a color combination for your deck can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your options, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each color:

  • White: Offers strong creature removal and protective spells.
  • Red: Offers aggressive and direct damage spells.
  • Green: Offers creature ramp and powerful creature spells.
  • Black: Offers creature destruction and card draw spells.
  • Blue: Offers control and counter spells.

Once you have chosen your color combination, you can start selecting cards that synergize with your Samurai creatures.

Step 2: Choose Your Commander

Your Commander is the centerpiece of your deck, so choose one that synergizes well with your Samurai creatures. Here are some popular Commander choices for Samurai decks:

  • General Konda, Lord of Eiganjo: Gives your Samurai creatures protection from creatures of the chosen type and can pump up your creatures’ power and toughness.
  • Tajic, Blade of the Legion: Provides indestructible to your creatures and has a battalion ability that triggers when he attacks with two or more other creatures.
  • Saskia the Unyielding: Allows your creatures to deal damage to multiple opponents and has access to all five colors of MTG.

Step 3: Select Your Samurai Creatures and Spells

There are several Samurai creatures and spells to choose from, so select the ones that fit your playstyle and Commander. Here are some popular Samurai cards:

  • Bushido 1 creatures: These creatures get stronger when they block or are blocked.
  • Bushido 2 creatures: These creatures get even stronger than Bushido 1 creatures and can easily take down opposing creatures.
  • Katana spells: These spells provide bonuses for your Samurai creatures, such as First Strike and +1/+1 counters.
  • Equipment: Equipment such as Swords and Jitte can provide additional bonuses to your Samurai creatures.

Step 4: Include Support Cards

To round out your Samurai deck, include support cards that can provide additional benefits to your creatures. Here are some popular support cards:

  • Honor-Worn Shaku: Taps for mana when you have three or more tapped creatures, which can help you cast multiple spells in one turn.
  • Glory of Warfare: Provides a bonus to all of your creatures, making them stronger and harder to block.
  • Brave the Elements: Provides protection to your creatures from a color of your choice, which can help them survive against removal spells.

Step 5: Optimize Your Mana Base

A well-optimized mana base can make or break your deck’s performance. Include cards that can provide the colors of mana you need and consider including mana rocks such as Sol Ring and Thran Dynamo.

Strategy Tips for Playing Samurai Decks

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to build a Samurai deck let’s dive into some strategies to use when playing your deck. Here are some tips:

  • Strike first: Samurai creatures are designed to attack and block, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive.
  • Protect your creatures: Samurai creatures are often the main focus of removal spells, so include cards that can protect them.
  • Manage your resources: Samurai decks can run out of steam quickly, so manage your resources wisely and don’t overextend.
  • Use your Commander: Your Commander is an important part of your strategy, so make sure to use their abilities to your advantage.


What is Bushido?

Bushido is an ability that is printed on some Samurai creatures. It provides a bonus to the creature’s power and toughness when it blocks or is blocked by a creature.

Can I play Samurai cards in other formats besides Commander?

Yes, Samurai cards can be played in other formats such as Modern and Legacy, but their effectiveness may vary depending on the format’s meta.

What are some other cards that work well with Samurai?

Cards such as Brave the Sands, Intimidation Bolt, and Ghostly Prison can all provide additional benefits to your Samurai creatures.


Building an MTG Samurai deck can be a fun and rewarding experience for players who enjoy the Samurai culture. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can build a competitive deck that will leave your opponents in awe. Remember to strike first and protect your creatures, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the way of the Samurai in MTG. Good luck!

Thank you for reading this guide! We hope it has been helpful and informative. Be sure to check out our other MTG guides for more tips and strategies.

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