Power Rangers Super Samurai Episodes Explained

The Power Rangers franchise has been a favorite among children and adults alike for decades. The latest installment, Power Rangers Super Samurai, is no exception. This season features a new team of Samurai Rangers who must defend the world against the evil Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks. If you’re a fan of the show or just curious about what it’s all about, keep reading to learn more about the episodes in this exciting series.

Episode 1: Super Samurai

In the first episode, we are introduced to the new team of Samurai Rangers who are tasked with protecting the world from Master Xandred and his Nighloks. The team is led by Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger, who is joined by his younger sister Lauren, the true Red Ranger. Together, they must learn to work as a team and master their Samurai powers in order to defeat the evil forces that threaten the world.

Episode 2: Shell Game

In “Shell Game,” the Samurai Rangers must protect a group of turtles from the Nighloks who seek to use them for their own evil purposes. Meanwhile, Jayden struggles with his leadership role and doubts his ability to lead the team to victory.

Episode 3: Trading Places

“Trading Places” sees the Rangers swapping bodies with each other after falling victim to a Nighlok’s magical spell. The team must learn to work together in their new bodies in order to defeat the Nighlok and reverse the spell before it’s too late.

Episode 4: Something Fishy

In this episode, a Nighlok disguises itself as a sushi chef in order to trick the Rangers into eating a magical fish that will make them lose their powers. The Rangers must use their skills and teamwork to uncover the Nighlok’s plot and stop it before it’s too late.

Episode 5: The Rescue

When a group of civilians are trapped in a burning building, the Samurai Rangers must work together to rescue them before it’s too late. Along the way, they face off against a powerful Nighlok who seeks to use the chaos to his advantage.


Question Answer
How many episodes are in Power Rangers Super Samurai? There are 22 episodes in total.
What channel airs Power Rangers Super Samurai? The show originally aired on Nickelodeon.
Is Power Rangers Super Samurai appropriate for kids? Yes, the show is rated TV-Y7 and is suitable for children aged 7 and up.
Can I watch Power Rangers Super Samurai online? Yes, the show is available to stream on various online platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Will there be a sequel to Power Rangers Super Samurai? There has been no official announcement regarding a sequel to the series.


Power Rangers Super Samurai is an action-packed series that is sure to entertain fans of all ages. With its exciting episodes and engaging characters, it’s no wonder that the franchise has remained popular for so many years. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the series for the first time, there’s no better time to join the Samurai Rangers in their fight against evil.

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