Zulu Man in Japan: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Cultural Exchange

“Zulu Man in Japan” is the title of the second studio album by South African rapper and songwriter, Nasty C. Released in August 2020, the album features 20 tracks and collaborations with various artists, including American rapper, T.I. and South African singer, Rowlene.

Although the album received mixed reviews from critics, it was well-received by fans and debuted at number one on Apple Music in South Africa and several other African countries. One of the standout tracks on the album is the title track, “Zulu Man in Japan,” which explores Nasty C’s experiences during his first trip to Japan.

The Inspiration Behind “Zulu Man in Japan”

Nasty C has been open about his love for Japanese culture and his desire to visit Japan. In an interview with Apple Music, he revealed that he was initially hesitant to incorporate his experiences in Japan into his music, as he did not want to come across as stereotypical or offensive.

“I was scared of coming across as a culture vulture, you know, just jumping onto everything Japanese and making it seem like I’m exploiting their culture,” he said. “But then I realized that it was just a part of my experience, and I wanted to share that with the world.”

Throughout the album, Nasty C shares his observations and reflections on Japanese culture, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the traditional temples and shrines he visited. He also touches on his own experiences as a black South African in a country where he stood out as a minority.

Exploring the Themes of “Zulu Man in Japan”

One of the central themes of “Zulu Man in Japan” is the concept of self-discovery. Throughout the album, Nasty C reflects on his journey as an artist and a person, and how his experiences in Japan helped him gain a new perspective on life and his place in the world.

He also explores the theme of cultural exchange, highlighting the similarities and differences between Japanese and South African culture, and how these can be bridged through music and art.

Another prominent theme is the idea of staying true to oneself, even in the face of adversity. Nasty C acknowledges the challenges he faced as a black man in Japan, but also celebrates the strength and resilience of his community and culture.

The Impact of “Zulu Man in Japan”

Since its release, “Zulu Man in Japan” has garnered a significant amount of attention both in South Africa and internationally. The album has been praised for its unique blend of African and Japanese influences, and its honest and introspective lyrics.

It has also sparked renewed interest in Japanese culture among Nasty C’s fans, with many expressing a newfound appreciation for the country and its people.


Question Answer
What is “Zulu Man in Japan”? “Zulu Man in Japan” is the title of the second studio album by South African rapper and songwriter, Nasty C.
What are the themes of the album? The themes of the album include self-discovery, cultural exchange, and staying true to oneself.
What impact has the album had? The album has garnered significant attention for its unique blend of African and Japanese influences, and has sparked renewed interest in Japanese culture.

The Takeaway

“Zulu Man in Japan” is more than just an album – it is a journey of self-discovery and cultural exchange. Through his music, Nasty C has opened a window into his experiences in Japan, and has inspired his fans to explore new cultures and perspectives.

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, Japanese culture, or just great music, “Zulu Man in Japan” is definitely worth a listen.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more articles on music, culture, and everything in between!

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